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Name: 15.4" Macbook Pro A1226 LED backlit LCD - glossy

Resolution: 1440x900

Condition: new

Warranty: 90 Day


15.4" Macbook Pro A1226 LED backlit LCD - glossy

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15" A1226 A1260 Macbook Pro LCD Screen, glossy.

This panel will be perfect. We are one of the few, if not ONLY online vendors that are selling a panel NEW, not used or internally refurbished.


Our A1226 & A1260 LCDs have never been used, except for the initial test before shipping.


This part is not used. It is new. It is common to sell used pulls out of dead laptops when an LCD is no longer available in the marketplace, if it cannot be found new. We have found the last batch of 200 of these in unopened, factory boxes. They are new, so we are able to offer a part that is 100% new to you. Your repair client will have no complaints! We turn the LCD on once to ensure it works and has no bright spots before we ship the part, and that is all!

No refurbishing occurs on our panels. 


When an LCD is no longer available, it is often refurbished to be offered on the market. Let's say a company has 2 LCDs. One has no backlight, but its polarizer & control board function fine - it generates a picture. Another LCD is cracked, but it lights up bright. They will take the backlight assembly off the LCD with the cracked polarizer & put it on the LCD with the good polarizer, to make one good part. The problem is that these parts are not meant to be refurbished by unskilled hands - or ANY hands at all! Often the refurbishing jobs leave marks on the light diffusor, the part the LED lights shine upon that diffuse the light onto the polarizer so you can see the screen. This causes random bright & dull spots. You may notice what looks like a star in the sky on a bad A1226/A1260 LCD screen on occasion. This is bruising to the backlight diffusor. The black shadow stripes, and occasional grey/brown marks on the inside of the display that look like scratches are often effects of poor quality refurbsihing. Since we are using new parts, you will avoid these issues!


No price gouging. 


The few vendors that have this part in good condition often charge $220-$300 for the part, which requires you charge your client a large amount of money. Our part is under $200 so you can charge a competetive price while still retaining good profit.


Refunds on defects.


In the rare case you do receive a defective part, we do have an RMA process. You do not have to factor the cost of an unusable LCD into your repair price when charging your customer.


Here's the deal! 


This LCD has been expensive for several years now. The problem is that not enough of these were produced, so you're buying refurbs. Even when companies claim they're selling new, they are selling really good refurbs. You may be familiar with the white bruising on the diffusors that cause bright spots on the panel, and obvious flaws with some of the lesser refurbs. You buy the LCD for $200-$300 and it looks like crap, and are stuck staring funny at a customer who's paying $400 for you to put in an LCD dirtier than the cracked one they had in there to begin with!

There is another version of this LCD made for PC laptops. The specifications are the same. The polarizer is the same, the control chip is the same. Everything is the same except for the connector. Since it is was made for PC laptops as well, it was produced for a longer time period in much higher quantities. When the A1226/A1260 line of Macbooks was discontinued in 2008, the LCDs in it were discontinued as well, whereas the PC version continued to be manufactured as there were many different laptops that it fit.

The PC version of the LCD is beautiful. These are new, not just "good refurbs." They're actually new, as in, never been used, never been opened to be repaired, never had their protective film removed. They're honestly new. However, since the connector is different, you can't use it.

Until now. We had several thousand converter cables made up. We do all the work of installing the converter cable and testing each individual LCD.

This way, you get an LCD that is actually new - not a terrible refurb. See the picture


You must have your machine open and make sure it does not use a Chi Mei N154C6-L0* model LCD. The N154C6-L01 & N154C6-L02 have a different frame than the standard LCD that is installed into this machine. About 3% of all A1226/A1260 Macbook Pros use this Chi Mei model, which is incompatible with the LCD sold ere. If you have an LP154WP2-TLA*, B154PW04 V.0, V.6, V.7, or an LTN154BT02, this is the right LCD for you. If you have a Chi Mei N154C6-L01 or N154C6-L02, this is not the right LCD for you.

If you do not feel confident in your ability to repair your own machine, look no further than our A1226 A1260 Macbook Pro 15" LCD Screen Repair & Replacement Service.  In New York, bring your machine in for it to be done in an hour. Outside New York, FedEx it to us and have it sent back to you the same day.


    Amazing prices. Our markups are low and flat across all products. 
    Compatibility knowledge. No confusion due to looks or similar part #s.
    Quality parts. LCDs are grade A+, direct from the manufacturer. We sell new parts; no b-stock.
    Fast, affordable shipping. New boxes & industrial bubblewrap. Orders before 3 PM EST ship same day.
    RMAs & returns for defective merchandise are hassle free & expedited.
    Customer service. Unsure what to purchase? Need an easier way to DIY than iFixit's guides? Call in.
    Prior feedback denotes how you will be treated. Check our feedback - people love us. 

Additional Information

Backlight LED
Video No
Brand AUO
Resolution 1440x900
Finish glossy
Compatible LCDs LP154WP2(TL)(A1) LP154WP2(TL)(A2) LP154WP2(TL)(A3) LP154WP2(TL)(A4) LTN154BT02 B154PW04 V.0 B154PW04 V.6 B154PW04 V.7
Model typically sold BARBARA_A1226_A1260_LED_standard
Compatible Macbook Models A1226 A1260 MA895LL MA896LL MB133LL/A MB134LL/A MA896LL MB134LL/A